Empowering Business Through Relationships

Megamix Expo — the premiere annual event connecting diverse industries and enabling growth opportunities across Southern California.

The event producers, Alexis Salamanca, Angelo Varsobia, and Tony Chi-Su Gutierrez are key players in showcasing innovative businesses in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. Their vision and dedication to curating this extraordinary event provided a remarkable opportunity for both established and emerging brands to gain exposure and forge valuable connections within the industry.

The Megamix Expo provides a platform for companies to network, Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations to collaborate, share insights and explore partnerships.

The July 27, 2023, San Gabriel Valley MegaMix Expo marks our biggest event yet, expanding to offer interactive workshops, innovation showcases, entertainment along with hundreds of exhibitors. By gathering industry leaders and innovators across sectors, Hollywood Celebrities, Asian, American, and Latino Americans Celebrities, local influencers, singers and entertainers; We stimulate innovation, drive new projects and deals for participating businesses.

Join us this February 8, 2024 at the Santa Anita Park Club House in the City of Arcadia, California as we drive cross-industry engagement and deliver tangible opportunities to all who participate.

Through partnerships with economic development groups, small business associations, minority chamber coalitions, and more, we ensure the MegaMix Expo provides an accessible platform for showcasing locally-owned ventures. We actively promote opportunities for attendees to connect with, buy from, shop with, invest in, and support community businesses.

Bringing the Community Together, Megamix Expo Founders

“By bringing together the rich diversity that drives entrepreneurship and economic growth across our region, we embrace business leaders from all racial and ethnic backgrounds while highlighting groups that empower vibrant minority-owned enterprises. From American, Latino, and Asian Chambers of Commerce to Business Associations and more, we spotlight a unifying space for visionaries of all origins and markets to connect, learn, and lift each other higher.

Our stages, showroom floors, and workshops belong to every culture and community that calls this home, fueling commerce with many voices as one.”

— Alexis Salamanca, Director of Operations, MegaMix Expo.