This year, the MegaMix Business Expo is expanding its global reach by enlisting international brand ambassadors to extend event exposure in key markets worldwide. Through partnerships with trade associations in Latin America (LATAM) Europe, Africa and Asia, we will have business leaders from 10 countries representing their national industries as ambassadors leading up to the Import and Export MegaMix Expo in 2025.

These executives across manufacturing, tech and financial sectors will highlight the summit across their networks. By tapping into these multinational networks, MegaMix aims to drive broader global participation. The ambassadors will also lead panel discussions on international expansion, supply chains and cross-border partnerships at the MegaMix Expo itself. Having these global figureheads drawing attention to MegaMix elevates the caliber of brands and investors engaging with the exponential growth opportunities centered right here in our backyard. This international scope reflects the borderless nature of business today and ensures worldwide stakeholders will contribute to making The MegaMix Expo 2025 our highest profile gathering yet.

International Ambassador
Salvador Pascasio
El Salvador – Guatemala
International Ambassador
Joyce Lin
China – Taiwan – Hong Kong – Macao
Romain Salamanca International Ambassador
Romain Salamanca
 Switzerland – LATAM – Colombia


We are thrilled to introduce the Megamix Expo Ambassadors to our communities. These dynamic individuals have taken on the role of being the face and voice of our extraordinary event. Through their efforts, we aim to create an atmosphere of excitement and inclusivity, ensuring that every member of our community feels not only welcomed but also an integral part of this grand celebration. As ambassadors, they embody the spirit of unity that defines our event, and we are confident that their enthusiasm will ignite a spark of anticipation throughout our communities.

Carlos Ruiz
Gary Yeung
Calvin Hoang
Gus Gamba
Donna Lee
Joe Medina
Mike Adray
Eddy Sumar Ambassador
Eddy Sumar
Emily Wu Troung
Emily Wu Truong
Maribel Lomeli
Melissa Cheng
Andre Woods
Diana Miranda
Danny Chen